Did you ever felt the need to monitor your critical systems from any remote location. Syswindow fills that gap by introducing a dashboard which users can fill with any kind of data they want to monitor.

It is a service that can help you to monitor your systems from remote location. Syswindow client is available for web as well as iPhone which makes it easier to monitor your critical systems at any time and form any location.

Easy to integrate SDK gives flexibility to expose any data on the dashboard in any form of chart. It also supports exposing image data which opens up lot of innovative possibilities to create a well structured dashboard containing all the critical information. SDK provides many inbuilt widgets to monitor system e.g. memory usage, CPU usage, handles used by the process. Developer has an option to create a separate application to monitor process or embed syswindow in the application itself to get the fine control over the application data.

Top-notch support

Support is available free of charge to all users of our product. Get in touch, we're glad to help.

Lifetime Updates

syswindow is developed and designed on top of the latest technologies and techniques.

Easy To Integrate

A very lightweight SDK helps to integrate your application with syswindow.


What all you get?

How it works?

The first step to get this service is to sign up and create an account with syswindow. Once you create an account you need to send a request for subscription. We will send you information and quote for the service. Upon successful payment we will enable your account and you can start using the service.


Stay Upto Date

Get regular updates including bug fixes and new features as part of the subscription.

Smartphone App

Mobile Dashboard

Use your user name and password to access your dashboard from smartphone.

Well Documented

Step by step customization

Packed in one nice document that comes with download. Saves your time so you can be dedicated to your work.


Many more to come


syswindow allows user to create multiple modules to place the relevant data under a particular module. User can add as many modules as they wish and each module can contain unlimited number of charts. The data exposed by the user is constrained by the bandwidth usage. User can choose to expose large amount of data at low frequency or small data at high frequency.

User can manage the dashboard and profile information from the settings on web interface.

syswindow provides ability to show the dashboard on any web page. User can generate the embeddable code and use that on their own webpage to show the information.

We have tried our best to provide with the ready to use widgets and API to make the integration process easier but any feedback and enhancement requests are welcome.


Charts on dashboard are resizable and can be dragged to any part of the dashboard.


Generate the code to embed the dashboard on any web page.

Robust SDK

Light weight SDK provides easy to use functions to get analytic information of any process and use that to create widgets on dashboard.

How awesome it is?

Works & Features

Clean and
Smooth Charts

Responsive and resizable

Easily to resize, change position on the dashboard. Colors used in charts makes it perfect to be used as a dashboard on big screen or small screen. Each chart shows updated time which is the time stamp of the data from database. If for some reason backend stops updating data, user can find it very quickly from dashboard.

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Stay Connected

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere.

Whether you are travelling or you are at your home, stay informed and connected with your systems using iPad and iPhone app. Use dashboard view similar to web view on iPad.

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Flexible Design

Made for folks of all skill levels and projects of all sizes.

Super easy SDK without any complex API calls. Include single header file in the project and link to the library to integrate syswindow features in your application.

Design allows to integrate syswindow in the application or create a separate application to monitor a system.

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Download syswindow server and libraries from the links below. Check out wiki for help and tutorials.


Server and libraries for windows OS.



Coming soon.


Coming soon.

API document

Download syswindow library documents.


Online documentation

Check out the API docs online.




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